NASA’s REALM Project

The project is an animation created to describe NASA’s REALM Project to the general public. REALM (RFID-Enabled Autonomous Logistics Management) aims to improve logistics management in space by enabling R.F.I.D. Technology on many levels.

The animation is an entry submitted for a contest held by NASA’s tournament lab through Freelancer online platform and based on a provided storyboard and a set of 3D models. The entry was a finalist, although wasn’t announced winner.

The primary objective is to learn how to automate logistics management for future space exploration missions. While early stages of the REALM experiments are focused on solutions to automate activities such as inventories and item searches, future experiments that allow robotic interaction with logistics, such as unpacking or setup in advance of human arrival, are anticipated.

Source: NASA Official Website

  • Project Type Design Competition
  • Client NASA Tournament Lab
  • Date Aug 2017

3Ds Max
Adobe After Effects
Video Copilot Element 3D