Developing Ideas

Where are we headed?

Defining ideas to reach final outcomes is a challenging yet enjoyable part of any project development. For this project, my primary aim was to develop an idea through which I can improve my design skills; and to do a solid research on a subject that can support my academic and my professional career. Naturally I considered the skills I acquired through the DMD various courses that are closely related to my primary field of Architecture. The endless possibilities of creative approaches this interaction of ideas yields is beyond exciting; yet this is what makes reaching an idea a difficult task.


However, the initial idea is becoming clearer as the research progresses. The vision for the project in its final shape stems from the desire to create a unique product that can serve both as an aesthetically pleasing design; as well as an interactive experience that embodies all the academic research that goes into the project. The academic research, however, is decided to revolve around ‘non-linearity’ in narrative design through a virtual environment. The project setting -as a virtual environment- will take place in Sureyya Operasi, the local Opera House in Istanbul city where several models of non-linear interactive narrative based on ‘La Traviata’ opera will be explored.

On a side note: La traviata is an opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi in the mid 1800s. I have personally attended the opera in the said opera house. Needless to say, the world-class production left my breathless, and I hope this project will convey the sense of the original opera that Verdi intended, even if by using a fan-fiction based on the original three acts of the opera.

Finally, I want to mention that several factors went into formulating the project idea and subject. Hopefully, these will be explained and highlighted in more details over the following days..

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