An Overture for 'La Traviata'

Project defenition

Interactive narrative is a form of digital interactive experience in which users create or influence a dramatic storyline through their actions. This can take several forms and shapes, and usually the author of the experience determines how it ends, and when it ends in the typical form known as linear narrative, where the beginning is followed by a series of events that eventually reach the same end, or the same conclusion.

This project is a story-exploration game, design to explore non-linear approaches to interactive narrative design, and will adapt several scenarios in which different models of nonlinearity can be followed to recreate the experience by the user, and to reach a user-defined journey and user-defined model of non-linearity each time the experience is repeated. The project will aspire to achieve a unique model of nonlinearity on several layers, both in time and space.

To achieve project goals, the game will be based on a fanfiction story derived from ‘La Traviata’ – an opera by Giuseppe Verdi – and will take place in the chambers of Süreyya Operası, a local opera house in the city of istanbul (where I personally have attended La Traviata before). The project will combine 3D design, modelling, animating, texture and material painting, as well as creating basic game controls to navigate through the virtual building with its passages and public areas and interact with story-defined elements; and will explore designing the experience for the narrative, the plot and the nonlinear approach to the story.


Further notes:

The concept was inspired by a game being developed to tell the story of the Titanic.


La Traviata Synopsis:


A mood board is created for the place to give a sense of the scene:


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