Süreyya Operası


La Traviata is widely regarded as as the world’s most successful opera today. And when we start to think of an appropriate story to tell in an opera house, we cannot think of a better example to explore non-linear narratives through. And even though an opera house is chosen to host the opera events, it’s obvious that the opera will not be played on stage.

The opera house is chosen as a virtual environment where the story is taking place in its chambers, where events will occur in the hallways, on stage, in the auditorium etc.. But if we want to pick a suitable place to host an opera narrative, it’s probably appropriate to select an opera building that matches the theme of the subject.

Süreyya Operası building dates back to 1927 when it was first established by Süreyya Paşa to be the first culture center in the region. The rich history of the building is one of the reasons it was chosen for this project. but most importantly, its simple yet rich interior design makes it a reasonable choice that can result in an excellent experience of an opera house within the limited time frame of the project, which makes it  an ideal building to work with on a similar project. The building was renovated in 2007 by Cafer Bozkurt Mimarlik Architecutr firm, the building interior was slightly changed to take the shape we see today. This renovation will be examined in the project, and the new design will be the base of the virtual environment and 3D modelling involved.


Süreyya Operası – Source: Google 360view


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