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2D Drafting

The project that takes place in a virtual opera house will require a complete 3D modelling for the opera building, both for the exterior and for the interior of it, as well as the details from ornaments, furniture etc.. The 3D modelling phase is an important and challenging part of the project since the 3D models vary from regular geometric entities to organic shapes with lots of details to be covered.

To get started with the 3D modelling, the first step was to search for any available resources that can help with the 3D modelling; ideally, 2D floor plans and cross-sections in vector format (such as AutoCAD DWG drawings) can put the project directly in the 3D modelling stage. Unfortunately, no CAD drawings were found for the selected building. However, images of floor plans and sections were found on the official website of the Architecture firm that did the project renovation in 2007, this was enough to get the project started, and the first step should be a complete 2D drafting for the 4-story building. The 2D drawings will be used to create the building basic 3D model later.




As of May 18th, 2D drawings are created based on available images. Current drawings are sufficient to move the project to the next stage; 3D modelling. The drawings aren’t comprehensive and are lacking of some details, but it’s enough to be used as a guide for modelling the basic shape of the building and its components.


2D drafting – Preparation for 3D modelling

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