Interim Review

Project Checkpoint


From the project’s early stages, the aim was to create a detailed interactive 3D environment to examine the concept of non-linearity in interactive narratives.

Non-linearity is known to take one of several established models that vary in the level of freedom the user is given to personalize the experience and make decisions that lead to the final outcome. By designing a unique interactive narrative with a complex mapped plan of the experience and all its possible outcomes, the project not only intends to apply the established models of non-linearity in a hybrid form, but aims at reaching a unique undefined model of non-linearity.

Moreover, research will be done to examine programming/coding/scripting decisions that create the non-linear experience. This can be in the form of codes, combination of codes, functions and classes used to define the level of user interaction and the potential paths the narrative can follow.


From Concept to Execution:

The concept was developed over time, and the subject was carefully chosen among a number of potential scenarios and environments that the project will primarily rely on.

Sureyya Opera House located in istanbul city was chosen to host the interactive experience. The Building was visited a number of times to examine every publicly-accessible room or space that will be later created in digital form. Complete 3D modelling for the building was started on May14th, and continues to model every detail, interior element or piece of furniture accurately and exactly the way it is found in the physical building. This level of detail will hopefully take the project to a higher level; since the building was established in 1927 and has been renovated several times since then, creating an identical digital form of the building will hopefully serve as documentation for the building in its current state as it looks and appears today.

La Traviata is chosen to be the origin of the fanfiction story, on which the narrative will be based.

Finally, after the modelling is finished using a combination of software (AutoCAD for architectural drafting, 3DsMax and C4D for modelling), unity will be used to build the final experience and C# will create the functions and the interactive operations.


Project status:

Currently, the 3D modelling is almost finished with all the needed details. Further work will be done on designing appropriate materials and textures to match those found in the original building.

Later, the narrative (fanfiction based on La Traviata) will be finalized with a clear map of the interactive experience paths and decisions.

Finally, the 3D models will be combined inside of Unity, materials will be applied and the interactive objects will be respectively added with applied pieces of code. The final experience will then be tested and the results will be presented in written form.


The research; written work:

The written report will focus primarily on interactive narratives. It will study similar projects and analyse their unique adaptation of non-linearity to allow for several levels of freedom and personalized experience. The written work will also contain a research that will be done to define the role of scripting in defining the non-linear experience in its various models and levels by focusing on C# and its applications.

The report will also highlight the process of 3D modelling and creating the interactive virtual environment by examining techniques and approaches taken to model the different types of objects in the scene, from geometric shapes, decorative elements, furniture items etc..

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