Aesthetica Technologies / djc Aesthetics

Aesthetica Technologies is a multi award winning clinic that offers the largest selection of cutting edge treatments in the UK. The highly advanced medical procedures and devices were promoted on the clinic’s website, as well as on several social media outlets and platforms.

Since 2015, working with Aesthetica clinics involved 3D design of marketing materials; including 3D animated videos for medical devices and products, medical operation demonstration, and rendered images for marketing and service promotion.

Several software and design methods are utilized in Aesthetica projects. Work covers a wide range of methods that employs different software at each stage; taking advantage of each software respective and unique features. 3D modelling, rendering, animating and video production pipeline is a complete process that was developed and improved over the years to deliver the excellent quality for one of the most advanced medical groups and clinics in the UK.

NASA’s REALM Project

The project is an animation created to describe NASA’s REALM Project to the general public. REALM (RFID-Enabled Autonomous Logistics Management) aims to improve logistics management in space by enabling R.F.I.D. Technology on many levels.

The animation is an entry submitted for a contest held by NASA’s tournament lab through Freelancer online platform and based on a provided storyboard and a set of 3D models. The entry was a finalist, although wasn’t announced winner.

The primary objective is to learn how to automate logistics management for future space exploration missions. While early stages of the REALM experiments are focused on solutions to automate activities such as inventories and item searches, future experiments that allow robotic interaction with logistics, such as unpacking or setup in advance of human arrival, are anticipated.

Source: NASA Official Website



AWL Solutions

AWL is a leading company in the field of automotive and machine industries in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico, and the United States. This project has started early in 2017. Work involved creating a demo for current and modern solutions and innovations presented by the company.

Later in 2018, the project continued to create an introductory video for the company’s latest innovation ‘Lyla’, which is a central control system that optimizes efficiency and performance quality.

Several software were used to achieve the different parts of the project. Adobe AfterEffects was primarily used for video production. Element3D was also used to handle complicated 3D operations. basic 3D modelling and animating was done in both 3DsMax and Cinema4D; taking advantage of each software features and strengths.

Medical Awareness

Despite unprecedented social progress around the world, social exclusion and discrimination remain fundamental problems in the world today. As racial discrimination occurs on many levels and in a variety of contexts, the healthcare sector continues to witness extreme acts of discrimination on a daily basis.

Racial discrimination in the healthcare sector is a complicated issue. Even though doctors take an oath to treat all patients equally, the reality is different as certain groups of patients might get different treatment based on factors such as race, gender, ethnicity or religion; Even
subconscious prejudices present a real barrier to healthcare for people that are socially disadvantaged. Moreover, bigotry expressed towards doctors and nurses of ethnic minorities is also considered a form of racism and discrimination that interfere with our commitment to health
as a human right.
The struggles of one marginalized community are struggles of all of us. To that end, this is a call to address racism and discrimination in healthcare sectors as medicine is for all of us, doctors, providers and patients.

Crohn’s disease is one of the common types of inflammatory bowel diseases that might occur in the small intestines or in the colon. The causes of this disease are still unknown, however, genetic and environmental factors are known to influence the chance of getting the disease.


The Eid Mubarak video was created as a template for Eid Greetings.
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AfterEffects template for Ramadan and Eid celebration.
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